Privacy Without Boundaries – The Cocoon

With its plush upholstery and serpentine shape, the Cocoon is a great piece of furniture to include in classrooms or common spaces. This is yet another one of our products that fits under our ‘privacy without boundaries’ umbrella. Let’s take a deeper look into the ideologies that led us to develop the Cocoon. 

Eye Contact

Studies have shown that maintaining eye contact with students during lessons increases attention and work performance (1). We incorporated these studies into our designs when working on concepts for the Cocoon. In order to accommodate the need to stay within the eye-line of students from all angles, so we created a curved shape with lower upholstered seating at the front with a raised tabletop with room for stool seating at the back. This allows teachers to created a tiered effect in their classroom, allowing more students to see at one time. 


Proximate Comfort

One-on-one meetings between students and teachers are stressful enough, and conducting these reviews over a teacher’s desk makes a student feel like they are being talked down to. We designed the Cocoon to be a versatile solution to this issue in the classroom – you can use it as a relaxed, comfortable meeting place to talk with students person to person. Teacher’s and students can sit next to one another either on the upholstered bench, or in chairs with the tabletop surface in front of them. There’s even enough room on the Cocoon to seat several students to discuss group projects. 

Organic Shapes

Studies have shown that “shapes with gentle curves as opposed to sharp points” are more appealing and relaxing to the eye (2). We took this bit of research to heart with the design of the Cocoon. Most lounge seating units are rectangular or square in shape, but we wanted to encourage relaxation and a bit of fun with an organic, elliptical contour to our seating unit. 

Common Spaces

The Cocoon isn’t just for classrooms – it’s the ideal lounge seating option for commercial spaces as well. The curved shape gives you the ability to combine Cocoon units together, creating longer serpentine shaped seating spaces, ideal for common areas or atriums.