Privacy Without Boundaries – The Privacy Pod

In our last blog post, we spoke about our philosophy of “privacy without boundaries” and how it can be used to create a more inspiring and dynamic classroom. Today, we would like to touch on the experiences and concepts that led us to develop this idea and our products that support it, specifically our Privacy Pod.

Teacher Outreach

We constantly have our ear to the ground and are listening to feedback and ideas from the people that use our products the most – in this case, teachers. When several teachers approached us with concerns about classrooms being too “stiff”, with few fluid solutions to student seating, we knew we had to help. The limited visibility that teachers have when using standard educational study carrels was another point that hit home for us. After these conversations, we took to the drawing board to develop some new ideas to solve these problems. This is how the Privacy Pod was born.

Privacy Pod Case Study

In order to develop a product that would provide an innovative alternative to the expected educational furniture solution, we focused on comfort and privacy, while making sure usability was still a key factor.  We wanted to emulate the privacy you get from one of the uncomfortable study carrels, while adding warmth and providing an opening for teachers to keep an eye on students. The Privacy Pod’s built-in table provides a personal writing surface for students, while the semi-circle wrap around pod wall provides the perfect amount of privacy. The opening on the other side ensures that teachers can keep an eye on their students, while keeping the prowling eyes of other students at bay.

In order to combat the “stiffness” of most classrooms, we wanted our Privacy Pod to be organic and comfortable. We utilized a round, semi-circle outer wall shape rather than an angular, geometric shape in order to encourage relaxation (but not too much!). To add comfort into the mix, we provided plush upholstery for the seat, but ALSO for the wrap around pod walls. This way students feel surrounded in warmth, creating a more natural and satisfying environment for learning to take place.

The Takeaway

Through the exploration we went through with the Privacy Pod, we have shown that classroom furniture doesn’t have to be angular, uncomfortable, or stiff. Boundaries don’t have to be clearly drawn, but can be more fluid. We’ve applied this concept to other products of ours as well: our Cubes and Cocoon seating options for example. We believe that students and teachers should be in an environment that inspires them, in order to make the learning experience more fruitful for everyone.